Pausing the constant blog juggle

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If you ever meet me in real life you’d know I have alot to say…about anything. It is this need to “have a say” in things the drive me to build different blogs. I wish I could say all I want on just one blog but I’ve discovered the hard way that certain people only want to talk about certain things. Also certain issues need to have their very own platform to be discussed and explored. But by doing things this way I’ve ended up with one blog to many.


I started this blog to give voice to my thoughts as a mom coming back to herself. My thoughts are no longer single minded all about the baby. As the baby grows into a toddler, I thought it would be helpful to blog about figuring out what it means to be a mother who follows the Buddhist path.

But so far I didn’t get a good running start here. In part due to time but also due to other blogs and the demands to post on them. Right now since my other blogs are over shadowing this one, I have to pause writing here. Hopefully I can swing back around after tackling the posting demands of my other blogs. *crossing fingers*

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Frustration with the Early Intervention Programs

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Sheer anger and frustration is pushing me to write a blog at 8am in the morning. If I don’t find any outlet for my feeling I’ll implode! For months now I’ve been going through the process of getting my son services for his speech delay. While you’d think things would go smoothly I will scream it from the roof tops that things have been a issue from first day.

First I had to deal with intake coordinators who didn’t know what they were doing. Then I had to deal with service center staff who went on vacation when they were suppose to be providing services.

Now that last straw to break my camel back is the case coordinator who has gone MIA when he’s suppose to be helping me. I’ve email him, called him and been very patient but today as I watched my son react in frustration due to not knowing how to tell me something, I reached my point with this early intervention system.

I’m trying the best I can at home to encourage my son to talk but I need help. That’s the the reason why I contacted the early intervention program. To help me help my son. but we’re not getting the help!

I called the case coordinator and told him I had enough. I’m ready to make a compliant about services St. Mary’s Hospital for Children claims to provide. Yes I’m naming names and going over his head. Then I called the Bureau of Early Intervention at NYS Dept of Health in Albany to see who I should contact. I was surprised someone answered the phone. It’s 8am in the morning! I explained my issue and asked who to make the complaint with. I was given a name and transferred. I left a detail message and you bet I will be following up with that person.

Honestly I don’t have the extra time or emotional energy to start this length process but I will have to find it. How heartless of these people to fck around when it comes to helping a child. Don’t think they think about how their actions is affecting a child’s life? Well I’m going to make them think about it!

Update: OMG. I just got off the phone with the person I left a message for. I explained everything to her and worked out a plan of action for me to take. First start, writing a form letter of complaint. I think you know I got the writing a complaint part covered. LOL.

Second she’s going to contact the Director of Consumer Affairs in my area, explain the situation and ask her to follow up with me about the lack of services being provided by these centers. She will also help me find new centers to help my son. Woot! I feel much better that I was able to be the voice for me son while he’s still learning to find his.

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I’m Tired of Cleaning

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Once again I’m standing in the middle of the room, looking around at the disarray my son and his playful energy has left me to clean up. I sigh. I’m so tired of cleaning up. I really am. I’ve done more cleaning up within the past year then in most my life. Did I mention I’m tired of it?

The issue isn’t the actual cleaning itself, which can be annoying, no the issue is with the frequency of cleaning. Everyday I start off cleaning only to end my day also cleaning. On the weekends it’s an all day process if I stay inside with my son. Otherwise it’s a process after my son goes to sleep.

I just can’t leave the clutter of toys, clothes and whatever else my son wanted to throw on the floor. Yes, visually it bugs me, but it’s more about not having to step on a toy car one more time….I just can’t…so I clean. But now its getting a bit out of hand.

I swear it’s great fun to my son to wait till I’m making up the bed to climb all over it and pull the sheets out. He does it every time. What bugs me is that he only does it to my bed and not his own. Nope. His bed stays nice and clean. My bed gets cookie crumbs, juice stains and little dirty feet jumping on it. Still, today I realized that I’m tired of cleaning up.

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SIDS, Babies and Daycare

While doing some 3am mommy reading I found this article on the parenting magazine website but more important this paragrpah stood out for me.

Taken from

Preliminary research also suggests that babies who begin daycare before 4 months of age, like Jake Haberzettl, may be at increased risk as well. In the most recent AAP analysis, about 20 percent of all SIDS deaths occurred while the baby was in the care of someone other than a parent. One third of the infants died during the first week of childcare, and half those deaths occurred on the very first day. “It may be that starting a new routine interrupts the baby’s sleep cycle, so that when he finally does fall asleep, he sleeps too deeply,” says Dr. Moon.

It may also be that some providers don’t recognize the risks of tummy sleeping. The danger? Babies who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs are 18 times more likely to die from SIDS when put down to sleep on their stomachs. That’s why it’s important for parents to emphasize safe-sleeping practices with their providers, and try to use only a licensed facility.

After reading this article I made the decison to say…fck it, I’m going to continue to stay home and take care of my son. I don’t support the idea that babies should leave their moms at such young ages anyway. Damn the daycare. I’ll just struggle along a bit more. Then I spoke with my mom and she agreeded…truth be told she wasn’t to happy about the daycare idea anyway and was getting on my nerves with constant “are you sure cause I’m not sure” check ins. So there it is.

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